Dennis Wernersson


Photographer Dennis Wernersson –  from action packed sports scenes to serene landscapes bathed in golden light. A visual symphony, blending narrative depth with the elegance of simplicity, images pulsating with energy and motion.

Dennis is based in Stockholm, Sweden but originally from Småland in the south of Sweden, his interest for photography was ignited at the young age of 14, where he honed his craft working for the local newspaper and his lifelong passion for the art form was born.

Initially drawn to documentary photography, Dennis later transitioned to fashion and commercial photography. Today, he is captivated by individuals who exude genuine passion and dedication, particularly within niche subjects like sports. His own passion, besides photography, lies in running, where he consistently completes marathons in under 3 hours.

Dennis’s portfolio showcases a style that blends storytelling with clarity, infused with a sense of movement. He prefers using portable and reliable equipment, enabling him to focus solely on the creative process and effectively capture moments.

While Dennis specializes in still photography, he also boasts experience in film, both as a director and director of photography. He has collaborated closely with Swedish artist Daniel Adams Ray for many years, creating his music videos and still images.

Dennis’s portfolio features active individuals in motion, sports, outdoor scenes, and nature, but he is also very skilled with lighting and studio shoots as well.

If you’re interested in viewing Dennis’s work within specific categories, please reach out to

++ Client list includes Adidas running, ON Running, H&M Move, KA-YO, Sneakersnstuff, YMR Trackclub, New Balance, Intersport, Saucony, Puma, Satisfy Running, Craft Sportswear and more.