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Lykke Li in Anna- Sara Davik & backstage pictures from Sadness is a blessing

As you guys know by now, i work with artist Lykke Li. We started a colab with the swedish designer Anna-Sara Davik a while ago to create a look for her performances and for her world tour.  So when u see her perform there is a big chance she is wearing one of these outfits. [...]

Sadness is a blessing

Styling: Tekla Knaust. The dress is specially made for Lykke Li by designer Anna-Sara Davik

A-S Dåvik


We worked until three in the morning to finish the last details of the pieces Anna-Sara Dåvik is designing for Lykke Li. I helped out as much as i could with buttons etc. Frankly i dont know how much help i was thou i cant sew & Anna-Sara has the highest expectation on every stitch. [...]

Anna-Sara Dåvik+Tekla+Lykke Li= True

Me & Lykke went to my friend the amazing designer Anna-Sara Dåvik for a fitting today. She is making some pieces for Lykkes upcoming world-tour. It is a match made in heaven!